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My Teaching

I teach across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Archaeology and History, from the great traditions of the ancient near east to the Roman Walls in Britain, along with theory, methods, and computing technologies. Read here to learn more.

My Research

I am an active researcher with ongoing projects focused on the Antonine Wall (Scotland’s Roman Frontier) and Classical/Late Antique Jordan (Tall Hisban and Umm el-Jimal). Life & interaction at the edges of the Roman world, place theory, and material culture. Read here for more.

My Blog

I am an infrequent blogger, but I have strong intentions to share my thoughts, interests, and project updates through a more active blogging campaign. Past posts will be added to this new site soon, and new posts are forthcoming. Read here for the latest updates.

My Publications

Publication and dissemination of research results is of paramount importance. I have an active and growing publication profile, from peer-reviewed articles in leading journals to edited volumes and series, and scholarly book reviews. Read here for a complete list.