Publication Announcement: TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology Series

Posted on 27 January 2017

I am absolutely delighted to share the news of a new publication initiative that I've been working on for several years. Many of you may know that I served 6 years on the Standing Committee for the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC), officially as Chairperson from April 2013 until April 2016. One of my key initiatives was the expansion of TRAC's publications beyond its annual Proceedings volume. We began work on this in 2013, and four years later, the first volume in an exciting new series (TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology) is finally nearly ready for distribution! As the initiator of this series, I have served as "series editor," and you'll be able to read about the aims, objectives, and ambitions behind the series in my series foreword within the first volume.

TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology, vol. 1: Romans and Barbarians Beyond the Frontiers‘Romans’ and ‘Barbarians’ Beyond the Frontiers: Archaeology, Ideology & Identities in the North is volume 1 in the new series, and this is now ready for preorder (at the bargain price of only £28.50!) from Oxbow Books and will be in print in time for the upcoming TRAC 2017 conference at Durham University. The volume is edited by Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez (Leicester) and Alexandra Guglielmi (University College Dublin), and derives from sessions held at both TRAC 2013 (Kings College London) and TRAC 2014 (Reading). Contributors include:

  1. Richard Hingley (Durham) - Introduction: Imperial Limits and the Crossing of Frontiers
  2. Karim Mata (Chicago) - Of Barbarians and Boundaries: The Making and Remaking of Transcultural Discourse
  3. Andrew Gardner (UCL) - Roman Britain from the Outside: Comparing Western and Northern Frontier Cultures
  4. Jacqueline Cahill Wilson (Bristol) - Et tu, Hibernia? Frontier Zones and Culture Contact: Ireland in a Roman World
  5. Xenia Pauli Jensen (Aarhus, Moesgaard Museum) - A World of Warcraft: Warrior Identities in Roman Iron Age Scandinavia
  6. Thomas Grane (Copenhagen) - Modern Perceptions of Roman–Scandinavian Relations: Research History and Interpretations
  7. Hans-Ulrich Voß and David Wigg-Wolf (German Archaeological Institute) - Romans and Roman Finds in the Central European Barbaricum: A New View on Romano-Germanic Relation?
  8. Wolfgang Moschek (Darmstadt) - Two Emperors, One Border: The Roman Limes before 1914
  9. Aaron Irvin (Murray State) - The Political Organisation of the Civitates of the Three Gauls and the Myth of Republican Exceptionalism
  10. David Mattingly (Leicester) - Conclusion and Final Discussion: A View from the South

The vision of this series is to leverage TRAC’s role as the leading venue for new ideas and theoretical developments within Roman Archaeology in order to offer an attractive and world-leading opportunity for both new and established scholars to publish theoretically-informed research on problems, themes, and emergent issues within the archaeology of the Roman world. Volumes may be single-authored, co-authored, or an edited collection of papers, but each must be relevant, critically engage with theory, and offer a high level of research excellence. In short, no matter what stage of your career, the TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology Series is intended to be the go-to venue for publishing excellent book-length manuscripts and thematically-coherent collections of papers that demonstrate a commitment to the role of theory in Roman-period archaeological research. TRAC is uniquely positioned to facilitate this. If you are interested in proposing a volume in this exciting new series, please contact the TRAC Standing Committee.