Public Lecture: Tall Hisban and the Hisban North Church Project

Posted on 8 November 2017

I am really excited about tonight's Archaeology Research Seminar here at Canterbury Christ Church University, for two key reasons: I am the speaker and this will be the first time since I joined the faculty that I'll have an extended opportunity to present my Jordanian research here at Christ Church. If you're in Canterbury today, please do stop by Newton Nf03 (main CCCU campus) at 5pm to learn more about the project's background, plans for new fieldwork, and how you can get involved.

title slide from research seminar on Tall Hisban and the Hisban North Church Project by Darrell RohlThe lecture is divided into four key sections:

  1. Background: site location, long-term significance, and history of research.
  2. Roman and Byzantine Esbus: an overview of historical and archaeological evidence.
  3. The Hisban North Church: previous excavations and plans for new fieldwork. Why dig again?
  4. The Hisban North Church Project 2018-20: how to get involved?

I'm really looking forward to this, and I hope that many CCCU students will get excited about coming along to be a part of this fantastic project. If you cannot make it to the lecture and want to learn more, please contact me. No previous archaeological experience or CCCU affiliation is required.