My research focuses on theoretical aspects of life and interaction at the edges of the Roman Empire, and on the connections between the past, the present, people, and place. My primary research objectives centre on the immediate and continuing impacts and legacy of Roman activities within the frontier zones of northern Britain and Jordan, including the diachronic production of culture and place that draws upon memories and material remains of the Roman presence over the longue durée. The aim is to cultivate greater academic and public appreciation of connections between past places and cultural practices with the places and cultures that form contemporary regional, national, and global identities.

The Antonine Wall in its best-preserved section at Rough Castle Fort (Falkirk)

The Antonine Wall

Research on imperial Rome's one-time north-west frontier in central Scotland. A long-term career commitment.

The Hisban North (Byzantine) Church

Roman and Byzantine Jordan

Investigating the diachronic production of culture and place at Tall Hisban and vicinity on the Madaba Plains, Jordan.

word-cloud related to place theory and chorography

The Archaeology of Place

Escaping the tendency to pigeon-hole archaeological sites. Exploring places in the present: memory, meaning, and experience.

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