I have been actively publishing since I was an undergraduate student, starting with critical book reviews and progressing to peer-reviewed articles, edited volumes (including the initiation and series editorship of a major new series), and am currently working toward two new monographs. I completed my PhD in January 2014, and was unusually appointed to a full-time academic post in July of that year; the workload of teaching (including new module development) and administration (including the validation of new degree programmes) has not allowed for a primary focus on publication, but I have not neglected the production of research outputs. In addition to outputs listed here, I am progressing plans to develop portions of my PhD thesis as individual articles across a range of peer-reviewed journals that will maximise the transdisciplinary impact of my work.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • (2017) The Antonine Wall’s Distance Slabs: LiDAR as Metric Survey. Journal of Roman Archaeology, 30: 447-468. With Nick Hannon and Lyn Wilson. DOI: 10.1017/S1047759400074201
  • (2015) Place Theory, Genealogy, and the Cultural Biography of Roman Monuments, pp. 1–16 in T. Brindle, M. Allen, E. Durham, and A. Smith (eds), TRAC 2014: Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
  • (2012) Chorography: History, Theory, and Potential for Archaeological Research, pp. 19–32 in M. Duggan, F. McIntosh, and D.J. Rohl (eds), TRAC 2011: Proceedings of the Twenty-First Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference. Oxford: Oxbow Books. Available via Open Access.
  • (2012) Arthur’s O’on: A Lost “Wonder” of Britain, Part 1. Archaeolog, Stanford University.
  • (2011) The Chorographic Tradition and Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-century Scottish Antiquaries. Journal of Art Historiography, 5: 1–18. Available via Open Access.

Unpublished Theses and Dissertations

  • (2014) More than a Roman Monument: A Place-centred Approach to the Long-term History and Archaeology of the Antonine Wall. PhD Thesis, Department of Archaeology, Durham University. Available at Durham E-Theses Online.
  • (2009) Arthur’s O’on: The Arch(a)eology of a Lost Monument. MA Dissertation, Department of Archaeology, Durham University.
  • (2007) Arabes Esbonitae: Hellenization, Romanization, and Culture Change in Central Transjordan. BSc Dissertation, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Institute of Archaeology, Andrews University. This dissertation was awarded the "Earhart Emerging Scholar" award from the Michigan Colleges Foundation.

Edited Volumes and Series

  • (2017) Romans and Barbarians Beyond the Frontiers: Archaeology, Ideology and Identities in the North, edited by S. Gonzalez Sanchez and A. Guglielmi. TRAC Themes in Roman Archaeology, vol. 1. Oxford: Oxbow Books. Series initiator and editor, contributed series foreword.
  • (2012) TRAC 2011: Proceedings of the Twenty-First Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, edited with M. Duggan and F. McIntosh. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Forthcoming and In Preparation Articles and Volumes (a selection)

  • Hesban 8: The Diachronic Production of Place and Culture in Late Roman–Early Islamic Jordan, Hisban ca. AD 200–700, detailed archaeological monograph reporting a detailed synthesis and theoretical (re)interpretation of archaeological remains at Tall Hisban (Jordan) and vicinity. To be published by Andrews University Press.
  • Restoring ‘Grymisdyke’: A Fresh Look at the Post-Roman History and Archaeology of the Antonine Wall, to be submitted to the Scottish Archaeological Journal.
  • The Archaeology and Genealogy of Place: A Transdisciplinary Approach to the Long-term Significance of Heritage Locations in the Present, to be submitted to the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.
  • Arabes Esbonitae: First-century Historical Evidence and the Stratigraphy of Early Roman Hisban, to be submitted to the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research.
  • Outstanding Universal Value: the Risks and Reality of Reductionism in the Presentation, Management, and Research of World Heritage Sites, to be submitted to Heritage and Society.

Book Reviews

  • (In Press) Review of “Bearsden: A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall,” by D.J. Breeze, Scottish Archaeological Journal.
  • (forthcoming) Review of “Petra Great Temple, volume 3,” edited by M.S. Joukowsky, Bryn Mawr Classical Review.
  • (forthcoming) Review of “Living and Working in the Roman World: Essays in Honour of Michael Fulford,” edited by H. Eckardt and S. Rippon, American Journal of Archaeology.
  • (2016) Review of “Hadrian’s Wall: A History of Archaeological Thought,” by D.J. Breeze, The Archaeological Journal, 173.2. DOI: 10.1080/00665983.2016.1183381
  • (2014) Review of “Vrbes Exctinctae: Archaeologies of Abandoned Classical Towns,” edited by N. Christie and A. Augentie, American Journal of Archaeology, 118.4. DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1184.Rohl.
  • (2014) Review of “The Antiquarian Rediscovery of the Antonine Wall,” by L. Keppie, The Classical Review, 64.1. DOI: 10.1017/S0009840X13003375
  • (2012) Review of “Roman Mosaics of Britain, Vol. 4: Western Britain,” by S.R. Cosh and D.S. Neal, American Journal of Archaeology, 116.4. DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1164.Rohl.
  • (2009) Review of “The Monetary Systems of the Greeks and Romans,” edited by W.V. Harris, Archaeological Review from Cambridge, 24.2.
  • (2009) Review of “The Hellenistic Paintings of Marisa,” by D.M. Jacobson, Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin, 54.
  • (2008) Review of “The Coins and the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Economy of Palestine,” by J. DeRose Evans, Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin, 53.
  • (2007) Review of “The Roman Frontier in Central Jordan: Final Report on the Limes Arabicus Project,” by S.T. Parker, Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin, 52.
  • (2006) Review of “A Greek Roman Empire: Power and Belief Under Theodosius II,” by F. Millar, Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin, 51.

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