As a full-time academic, teaching is a key part of my job. Being an educator is more than just a job, though. It is my vocation, and I am just as passionate about teaching as I am about research. Undergraduate and postgraduate. Large group lectures, small-group seminars, one-to-one tutorials. In the classroom, lab, or in the field. Engaging and developing student skills, knowledge, critical awareness, and intellectual curiosity.

photo of Umm el-Jimal, Jordan

Intro to the Ancient World

Undergraduate introduction to the history and archaeology of the ancient world, focusing on the great traditions of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Photo of the Colosseum, Rome

Intro to the Roman World

Wide-ranging intro to the Roman world, from the foundations of the city to the fall of the western empire. Archaeology & History. Offered 2014-16.

Artist's depiction of the Roman invasion of Britain

Archaeology of Roman Britain

First-year introduction to the archaeology of Roman Britain. Focus on major themes, key sites, and the role of material culture. From January 2017.

QGIS screenshot

Archaeological Computing

Developing key computing skills for archaeology. 2nd year undergrad course. From MS Office to databases, GIS, and 3D photogrammetry. From Sept 2017.

Archaeological Theory

A favourite topic! Demystifying archaeological theory, from antiquarian approaches to post-processualism. Thinking through the discipline.

Archaeological Fieldwork

Learning archaeology the best way: hands-on and in the trenches (or survey field)! Coordinating and managing student placements in the field. UK and abroad.

Roman Frontiers

Life and interaction at the edges of the Roman Empire. Integrating Roman frontier studies with insights/theories from contemporary-world borderlands.

Student Supervision

Supervising students on independent studies, dissertations, and theses. Undergraduate and Postgraduate. One-to-one, personalised, and supportive.