Student Supervision

A terrible photo of me supervising PhD geophysical fieldwork at Kinneil, on the Antonine Wall in ScotlandIn addition to taught courses, I also provide supervision for undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations/theses in both Archaeology and History. I am currently the primary supervisor for a fully-funded PhD student (Nick Hannon) on the “Hidden Landscape of a Roman Frontier Project,” in collaboration with (and jointly funded by) Historic Environment Scotland.

A selection of undergraduate dissertation titles that I have successfully supervised include:

  • A Critical Evaluation of ‘Romanisation’ in the Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire
  • The Degradation of Pompeii and the Struggles of Herculaneum
  • Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC), Cultural Property Protection (CPP), and the Heritage Interface
  • To What Extent was the Collapse of the Western Roman Empire caused by Economic Deterioration?
  • Marcus Aurelius: The Philosophical Emperor

Image Credits

  • Photo by Austin Rohl, capturing my “expert supervision” of PhD geophysical survey at Kinneil (Antonine Wall), Scotland, 2016.

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