Testimonials and Teaching Feedback

I consistently receive excellent feedback in student and peer evaluations of my teaching. Overall, I evaluate my own teaching based on the success of my students, whether that is in the form of assessments, the development of new practical skills, increased ability in critical thinking, or the attainment of career ambitions. Several students are now working professionally or in postgraduate studies, and I mark these as evidence of good teaching (although I'm constantly working to improve in this area!). From time to time, though, it is particularly affirming to receive testimonials and nominations for teaching awards. Since starting my full-time lectureship at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2014, I have been privileged to receive student nominations for the student union's "Golden Apple Award" in two out of three years. Here is a sample of the comments included within these nominations:

Darrell has gone out of his way time and time again for his students. He offers good sound advice on real world issues which will affect students' career and education goals, whilst making information in his lectures relatable and approachable. We could not be as successful as we have been in the Archaeology department without his compassion and understanding.
He made the module he taught incredibly interesting and engaging as well as helping with essays when I've needed him and has been far and away the best lecturer this year.
Darrell has an incredible passion for his subject, and has brought ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome alive in our classroom sessions. He was an expert guide at our British Museum field trip and has made a complex intellectual framework like "Great Traditions" understandable.
Nomination for: Great lectures and the support he gave me as a disabled student.
Darrell is bringing new ideas into the department.

This page was last updated on 12 June 2017.